I’ve been teaching Pilates for almost 20 years now and I’ll tell you, it’s been a constantly evolving process. People who don’t fully understand what I do often ask me if I get bored teaching the same thing over and over again. The answer is “no,” and I definitely wouldn’t still be teaching if I didn’t find my job intriguing. I have heard that Romana said to teachers, “if you are bored with teaching, then don’t be boring.”

What keeps my job interesting is that no two bodies are ever the same. Everyone comes into a session with their own individual complex combination of strengths and weaknesses. I use the tools I have learned from the framework of the genius Pilates method to teach the unique body in front of me. I call on my technical knowledge of the method (what is laid out in the Romana’s training manual) and my experience in my own practice as well as all the different teaching nuances that I picked up from brilliant teachers before me. It is like putting together a puzzle. Every session is a new intriguing puzzle.

I have studied with a myriad of brilliant teachers in New York, Atlanta and around the country. Each teacher brings to the lesson their unique style of teaching that has been woven together by their unique experiences within their own practice. The method is the same but the body and mind and experiences of each teacher creates a unique teaching style. I’ve learned something valuable from each and every teacher with whom I have studied.

Experience is also a factor. I am a different teacher now than when I was just starting out. The more bodies and personalities that I work with, the more I know about the body and what the Pilates method can do for that body. Also, my body has aged and has experienced injuries itself so this helps me better relate to my clients' individual needs.

There is no one way or one answer. To me, Pilates is not just a one-off fitness class, but it is a life’s practice. We are our complex combination of body, mind and spirit and experiences. Western medicine likes to categorize us and prescribe one-size-fits-all drugs and supplements. Likewise, too many people buy into cookie cutter fitness routines. I guess that is why so many people ask me if I am bored. Pilates should be tailored to the client’s individual needs by a teacher who cares about the method. Every Pilates session should be a unique journey into aligning the body. And if practiced as Joseph Pilates truly intended, a Pilates practice is a unique, intriguing journey into aligning the mind, body and spirit. How intriguing!