A few months earlier, I had left a stable accounting career in Atlanta to move to New York City to study Pilates under Bob and many leading teachers in the business. It wasn’t exactly a fiscally responsible move, but I was 32 years old, and I had just witnessed how unforeseen major events such as the collapse of Enron and the 911 attacks had completely changed the trajectory of people’s lives. I had been stably employed as a corporate auditor at Mirant Corp, a Fortune 500 energy marketing company, at the same time the great Arthur Andersen and Enron got wiped off the map taking thousands of unsuspecting, hard-working employees down with them. I saw that nothing was ever a sure thing so I threw caution to the wind to follow my passion up to NYC.

It was on that raw, icy Sunday morning in the windowless basement studio of the 43rd St Equinox gym that I formally realized that I loved Pilates and that my gamble was worth it. I remember the moment clear as day when Bob was teaching a student on the Wunda Chair, and I thought to myself, “I love this. There is no place I’d rather be right now. I’m doing the right thing.” From that moment on, I have not looked back and have been teaching and making Pilates my living ever since.

I love Pilates largely because of Bob, a natural teacher- the kind who has a spirit that inspires you to always be better at what you do in order to help people. However, unfortunately Bob’s teaching spirit endures only in my memory now. I learned last week that he tragically passed away- many years too soon. I cannot express how sad I was at this unexpected loss.

Bob was my teacher who taught me to revere the knowledge and experience of those who came before me. Bob's teacher was the great Romana Kryzanowska, who's teacher happened to be the man himself, Joe Pilates- it doesn't get much deeper than that. Bob had a mission to keep the Pilates method true to what Joseph Pilates and Romana intended.

When I lived in NYC, I had a session every Tuesday at 10am with Bob, and he constantly referenced Romana in everything he taught us because he had been greatly inspired by her. He always held reverence to both Joe Pilates for the method he created and to his teacher, Romana, for how she kept Joe's teachings alive. Bob says that he thinks that much of Joe's teachings would be lost if not for Romana's brilliance. Likewise, Bob was a brilliant conduit for the genius method of Pilates.

I will always refer to Bob in my teaching as he referenced those who inspired him because I would not be a teacher if not for him. I am happy to say that there are so many brilliant teachers in my life today that I can turn to, but sadly, the Pilates world and I lost one of the best last week.

Thank you, Bob, for making me a better student and a better teacher. Years after I moved away from NYC, I saw you at workshop and I told you that you were always in my ear as I taught. You still are and will always be. Rest in peace.